Baby Book

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Song cycle for soprano & piano

Duration: 18'



Baby Book is a six-movement cycle on miscarriage, pregnancy, and motherhood, with poetry by Chloe Yelena Miller

Awards & Performances

Winner: Spoleto Festival's 2017 G.C. Menotti Young Composer's Competition

The competition was created "to promote the activity of some of the most promising figures of the new musical generation."

Finalist: 2019 NATS Art Song Composition Award

Finalist: 2018-2019 American Prize in Composition

                 (Vocal Chamber Music)


World Premiere: Lucie Chartin and Luba Podgayskaya. Incontri Musicali. Spoleto, Italy. August 2017.

U.S. Premiere: Dr. Jessica Spafford and Dr. William Reber. Music by Women Festival, MUW. March 2018.

West Coast Premiere: Laurel Irene and Mitsuko Murikawa. California State University. February 2019.



"Baby Book surprised me with its full-figured construction and deep melodic connections throughout. On my first hearing I openly cried. The degree of sensitivity to which Lauren has written is perfectly in line with how these experiences feel inside. I immediately wanted to learn and perform the entire cycle to heal wounds that I still carry."

 Janet Brehm Ziegler, soprano


World Premiere in Spoleto, Italy

West Coast Premiere