Lucie Chartin (soprano) and Luba Podgayskaya (piano) premiered the completed Baby Book at the Incontri Musicali chamber music festival in Spoleto, Italy in August 2017.

In everything I do, I seek to connect with people.

I have a genuine interest in their lives. I want to share their laughter and their pain. I believe in creating transcendent and transformative experiences that ask them to feel, think, question, and discuss.

I do this through new music. My music is a conversation—to illustrate stories, to share my own voice and the voices of others, and to encourage and guide my listeners to share of themselves. 

 I want audiences to find something in my music to love, understand, appreciate, and carry with them.


Vocal Music

Baby Book (2017) 18'

six songs for soprano & piano on miscarriage, pregnancy, & motherhood​

also available for soprano & full orchestra

Winner of Festival dei Due Mondi's 2017 G.C. Menotti Young Composers

        Competition (Spoleto, Italy)

Finalist for the 2019 NATS Art Song Composition Award

Finalist for the 2018-2019 American Prize (Vocal Chamber Music)

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  1. Objects

  2. Children's Pool Game

  3. Quickening

  4. Great Aunt Dora

  5. Looking Out

  6. Searching

Balloon Interludes (2019)

a vocal improvisation for "children" ages 1-100+

(part music / theater / and joke, appropriate for singers of many ages)

Chamber Music

Current (2018) 4'30

violin duo

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Mosaic (2017) 7'

string trio (violin, cello, & bass) or string quartet

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Atlas (2016) 7'

C trumpet, horn, trombone, and two percussionists

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Grit (2013) 4'

string quartet

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Dream Tapestry (2009)

flute, clarinet, violin, and cello

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Solo Works

Tar Hollow (2016) 2'

for solo violin

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Wild (2016) 5'

solo violin & live processing

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Orchestral Music

Kéyah (2019) 9'

full orchestra (2222 - 43211 - Timpani - 3 perc - strings)

Collaboration with Frank Lee Ruggles, National Eminent Photographer

Commissioned by the Central Ohio Symphony Orchestra

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Baby Book (2017) 18'

Winner of Festival dei Due Mondi's 2017 Young Composers Competition

six songs for soprano & full orchestra on miscarriage, pregnancy, & motherhood​

(2222 - 43211 - Timpani - 3 perc - optional harp - soprano - strings)

also available for soprano & piano

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Summit (2015) 1'45

full orchestra

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Choral Music

Three Robert Frost Songs (2014) 12'

a cappella SSATB  choir                            

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  • I. Mowing

  • II. Fire and Ice

  • III. The Aim Was Song

Electronic Music & Installations

Black Box (2015)

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An installation inviting curiosity, interactive play, and novelty in an everyday environment.

Wayfaring Stranger (2015) ca. 5'

improvised electronics (Max/MSP)

more info (forthcoming)

An improvisation using phrases and fragments of the traditional tune "Wayfaring Stranger" sampled from voice and violin.


Notable Arrangements



chamber orchestra + electronics + electric guitar

For Opera Columbus (Columbus, Ohio) and Against the Grain Theater (Toronto). Based on Berlioz's revision of Gluck's original work. This new full production pushes the boundaries of operatic presentation through digital sound augmentation, captivating choreography, video projections, and aerial artistry.

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